QlikView 11.0.11440

QlikView is a powerful program created for business analysts

QlikView comes as a powerful and professional program that proves to be very efficient in various business fields. It can be used by business analysts in order to perform researches, process and interpret collected data, and make correct business decisions. In addition to this, QlikView can be used by business users or IT professionals for similar purposes.

At first sight, this application might seem overwhelming especially for beginners that do not own much business knowledge. But QlikView comes with a complex Help manual and additional documentation that offers detailed explanations regarding all its tools and features. Yet keep in mind that this program is addressed to a quite narrow category of users, and using it properly requires advanced business knowledge.

As expected, the graphical user-interface of QlikView is very organized. On its main window, the program displays only the necessary tools. The rest of them can be accessed from the program menu. Moreover, the program is highly customizable, as it offers access to a huge number of settings.

This application supports XLS format, but when uploading a document of this type, it automatically saves it with its native format (QVW). Still, you are offered the opportunity to send specific files in Excel format and continue editing them.

To conclude with, I think that QlikView is a tool which proves to be very useful in various business areas. Though, keep in mind that it’s quite expensive.

Margie Smeer
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  • It is professionally built
  • Includes a large number of tools
  • Comes with comprehensive documentation
  • It is useful for users from various business areas


  • Quite expensive
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